Black Sea Policy of Ukraine: Present-day and Future

The Black Sea region has become one of the top priorities of the Ukrainian foreign policy in recent years, considering both guaranteeing national interests and national security. To analyse Ukraine’s foreign policy in this domain, it is important to focus on relations with seven countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, and Turkey), as well as some regional initiatives and projects. While the Russian factor is of an extreme importance for the Black Sea developments, it is however not the main driving force behind the development of the Ukrainian Black Sea policy. Considering the current state of the Russian–Ukrainian relations, despite the Black Sea littoral status of the Russian Federation, this dimension is separated into a distinct track that should be considered beyond the Black Sea region.

A joint publication of chief editor of the magazine “UA: Ukraine Analytica” Hanna Shelest, deputy director of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine Yevgeniya Gaber and head of the Department for Research of the Southern Region (Odessa) at the NISS Artem Filipenko, published in “UA: Ukraine Analytica”, highlights key challenges and perspectives for the Black Sea policy of Ukraine.

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