The First Meeting of the Expert Council on Foreign Economic Policy was Held at the NISS

By the decision of the Academic Council of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, the Expert Council on Foreign Economic Policy was established at the Institute, which included highly qualified independent specialists with experience in high government positions related to the development and implementation of the state foreign economic policy.

On March 28, 2019, the first meeting of the Council took place, at which the report of the Head of the Department of Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine V. Khomanets on the topic "Strategy of the foreign economic policy of Ukraine" was discussed.

Засідання Експертної Ради НІСД
The meeting of the Expert Council of the Institute

The meeting was also attended by the deputy director of the Institute, D. Sc. (Econ) Zhalilo Ya. A. and the Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Policy, D. Sc. (Econ) Sharov O. M. In their speeches, the experts drew attention to a number of key points related to the development of a strategy for foreign economic policy, in particular:

  • the need to develop a strategy based on an appropriate strategy for the development of the domestic market and the economy of the state as a whole;
  • the irrationality of dispersing the efforts and the need to select several real sectoral and geo-economic priorities;
  • significant improvement in the quality of public administration;
  • the importance of financial support for exporters and effective exchange rate policy, etc.

The conclusions of the Expert Council will be the basis for further activities of the Department of Foreign Economic Policy and will be used in preparing relevant analytical materials and recommendations for public authorities.