NISS expert outlined the main challenges facing local governments in the coronacrisis and post-pandemic periods

Yaroslav Zhalilo, Dr. Hab. in Economics, Deputy Director of the NISS, Head of the Center for Economic and Social Research, took part in the 6th European Congress of Local Governments (6-7 December 2021, Mikolajki, Poland), which addressed issues of rebuilding local economies in post-pandemic Europe.

The participants of the Congress, who represented the academic and analytical community, business, public authorities and local governments, civil society and international institutions, examined the problems local governments are facing in their economic recovery efforts after the shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The discussions spotlighted the following topics:

  • the distribution of load and responsibility between the Center and local governments;
  • the optimization of relations between the national and the local levels in the current circumstances;
  • the enhancement of institutional models for local development.

The participants agreed that the model of handling the effects of the pandemic should strengthen local communities and involve them with the implementation of common goals of resolving the crises.

In his speech at the discussion panel Challenges of Modern Local Government, Yaroslav Zhalilo outlined the main challenges facing local governments in the post-pandemic period that are common to both national and local levels, and suggested a vision of complementary policies that strengthen the capacity and motivate local governments to take appropriate action.


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Photo: NISS