Meeting with the Ukrainian World Congress Mission to Ukraine

On July 30, in the NISS the meeting took place between Vasyl Yablonsky, Acting Director of the Institute, and fr. deacon Serhiy Kasyanchuk, Director of the Ukrainian World Congress Mission to Ukraine.

Mr. Kasyanchuk told about more than 75-year history of unification of Ukrainian foreign initiatives in Canada known as the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and more than 50-year history of the Ukrainian World Congress, which was created to uphold the interests of foreign Ukrainians at the global level.

During the meeting main tasks of UWC activity were discussed, stressing the priority of the defense and security missions, financial assistance to Ukrainian initiatives and support of economic development, as well as informational support in order to bring true messages to the international community about the Ukrainian situation.

Ukraine's special place in mediating migration issues and creating a new dimension of understanding of needs and shaping migration policies in the European and transatlantic context were also noted.

Among other important topics of discussion - place and role of the NISS, the importance of maintaining a professional expert environment in Ukraine, especially in the situation of democratic change of power. Special attention was paid to the issues of ethno-politics and protection of the rights of minorities in Ukraine.

The sides also discussed prospects for cooperation between the NISS and the UWC with the involvement of both structures, including the formulation of an action plan for the implementation of the State Migration Policy Strategy of Ukraine for the period until 2025.

As a result of the meeting it was decided to prepare a memorandum of cooperation.