Expert of the NISS commented on the parliamentary elections-2019 and postelection crisis in Moldova, and outlined attendant challenges and perspectives for Ukraine

Parliamentary elections of 2019 in the Republic of Moldova became a turning point in modern history of this country. The winners’ inability to form a coalition and a government led to a political crisis, which was resolved by creating an alliance of two political forces with diametrically opposite political positions – the pro-Russian Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova and pro-European political bloc ACUM. These political opponents united against the ruling Democratic Party of Moldova and its leader, tycoon Vladimir Plahotniuc. The crisis was resolved thanks to a common position of main external actors – the USA, Russia, and the European Union. This created a fundamentally new reality not only for Moldova but also for Ukraine. There was the actualization of old challenges, including Moldovan pro-Russian forces’ return to power and the creation of conditions for the Transnistrian settlement according to the Russian model.


Expert of the NISS Artem Fylypenko