Energy Weapon in a Geopolitical Strategy of Russia

The Study assesses the conceptual ideas and policy of usage of the potential of the Russian fuel and energy complex as a powerful political tool for achieving geopolitical ambitions. The place and role of energy in Russia's foreign policy priorities and in strategic documents on national security are analyzed.

The study provides a review of the methods and tools of energy integration into the Russian geopolitical strategy. The practical tools of the energy weapon utilization towards post-Soviet countries (CIS countries) and Western countries (NATO and EU countries) are discussed. The report describes the cases of integration of energy policy with the goals of the military and national security policy of Russia. An overview of practical tools for the use of energy weapons in the Russian concept of hybrid confrontation with the West is given.

The study will be useful in the analysis of energy policy, strategic planning in the field of energy, and national security. The report designed for experts, scientists, specialists in the fields of energy, economics, national security, subjects of power, all who are interested in energy security.



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