The State Critical Infrastructure Protection System in the National Security System

Organizational and legal issues of ensuring critical infrastructure protection (security) and resilience in terms of management approaches are considered. Basing on the outcome of national experience of a number of countries a direct correlation between critical infrastructure protection (security) and national security is illustrated. As well as a conclusion is made regarding influence of the maturity of the public governance in the field of national security on making choice among organizational and legal approaches to protect vitally important for national infrastructures. Bearing in mind the above mentioned introducing the critical infrastructure protection concept in Ukraine is analyzed. The possible options for development of Ukraine’s policy to ensure critical infrastructure protection (security) and resilience are outlined. A number of conclusions and recommendations are made for further steps to achieve progress in this field.  

The report is intended for the representatives of public authorities, academia and think tanks, independent experts and all of those who are interested in the topic of critical infrastructure protection (security) and resilience, as well as in issues related with Ukraine’s national security.