Structure of the Institute

                                                        Organizational Structure of the National Institute for Strategic Studies:

I. Directorate

II. Research Departments

  1. Center for Foreign Policy Studies:

  • Department of Foreign Policy;

  • Department of New Challenges.


  1. Center for Security Studies:

  • Department for Strategic Planning Research;

  • Department of Military Policy;

  • Department of Defence-Industrial and Military-Technical Policy;

  • Department of National and Public Security;

  • Department of Critical Infrastructure, Energy and Ecological Security;

  • Department of Informational Security and Cybersecurity;

  • Department of Legal and Anti-corruption Policy.


  1. Center for Economic and Social Studies:

  • Department of Economic Strategy;

  • Department of Sectorial Economy;

  • Department of Social Strategy.

  1. Center for Regional Studies:

  • Department of Regional Strategies;

  • Department for Research of the Central Region (Dnipro);

  • Department for Research of the Western Region (Uzhgorod);

  • Department for Research of the Southern Region (Odessa);

  • Department for Research of the Taurida Region and the Crimea (Kherson);

  • Department for Research of the Eastern Region in (Kharkiv).


  1. Center for Society Studies: 

  • Department for Development of Political System;

  • Department for Research of Civil Society and Reintegration.

III. Support Departments