Structure of the Institute

Structure of the National Institute for Strategic Studies

  • Directorate;
  • Advisors to the Director;
  • Advisors to the Directorate;
  • Research Departments;
  • Support Departments;
  • Functional Departments.


As of January 2019, the main Institute (Kyiv) incorporates 23 research departments:

  1. Center for Research of Issues of the Russian Federation
  2. Department of Issues of Foreign Policy and International Security
  3. Department of Military and Military-Economic Policy
  4. Department of Issues of Security Sector Development
  5. Department of Assessment of Threats to National Security
  6. Department of Energy and Technology Security
  7. Department of Economic Strategy and Economic Security
  8. Department of Sectoral Economy
  9. Department of Financial Policy
  10. Department of Foreign Economy Policy
  11. Department of Social Policy
  12. Department of Regional Policy
  13. Department for Development of Political System
  14. Department of Humanitarian Policy
  15. Department of Informational Security and Development of Informational Society
  16. Department of Data Analysis
  17. Department of Ethnonational Research, Reintegration, and Development of Civil Society
  18. Department for Research of the Central Region
  19. Department for Research of the Western Region
  20. Department for Research of the Lower Danube-Black Sea Region
  21. Department for Research of the Taurida Region and the Crimea
  22. Department for Research of the Eastern Region
  23. Department for Research of the Donbas Region