The decision of PACE and importance of personnel determinacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Acting Director of the NISS, Vasyl Yablonskyi commented on the “hottest” issues of the week

Acting Director of the NISS, Vasyl Yablonskyi: «Appointment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is a clear message that gives Ukrainian partners an opportunity to understand the chosen  way of Ukrainian political evolution on the international arena. The following issue demands, in the first place, determinacy – the Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine  both understand its importance.  As long as the President is in charge of foreign policy, he should either search for a compromise with the current Minister of Foreign Affairs or appoint a new candidate.  Recently Russia started to push Ukraine back to the margins of the international policy, for as soon as pro-Ukrainian activity in international relations has been weakened, Russia made success of its return to PACE and got a winning position regarding “Nord Stream 2”. Also, it is obvious that Russia is not going to fulfil its obligations to Ukraine. Mr. Vadym Prystaiko, a candidate for the post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is a prominent Ukrainian diplomat, who has experience in cooperation both with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and with various international organizations, including NATO.  As Americans used to say, speaker is a message. Therefore, an appointment of Mr. Prystaiko is already a message regarding Ukrainian pro-Western position in international politics».