Stop Fake!

The National Institute for Strategic Studies is maximally open for cooperation with media sources and expert environment within and outside of Ukraine.

Yet, like many other governmental and nongovernmental organizations, we deal with attempts, made by several pseudo-media sources, to manipulate with our materials in order to provoke controversies within Ukrainian society, as well as in order to create tensions with our international partners.  Expecting the adherence to journalistic standards on the part of the so-called “media sources” is a pointless thing.

Outrageous fakes, tendentious quotations, manipulations with the data sources, distortion of what has been said, attempts to provoke unruly emotions (first of all, the negative ones), disinformation campaigns — all these components remind once and again about importance of the personal informational hygiene and media literacy.

Experts of the NISS recommend sticking to the basic rules of media literacy:

  •          Please make sure that the news source is reliable and contains no tendentious materials;
  •          If the news provokes strong emotions — always check its primary source;
  •          Try to understand what kind of emotions and what for the newsmakers tried to provoke in you.

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