Expert of the NISS Ivan Us gave a comment to the program "Head to Head" of the UATV Channel regarding the future perspectives of the World Trade Organization

Ivan Us: “Trade dispute settlement by an international organization is fairer compared to the settlement of such disputes within the framework of the free trade area agreements system”

Ivan Us, chief consultant of department of foreign policy of the NISS, commented to the program "Head to Head" of the UATV Channel regarding the situation with the WTO Dispute Settlement Body. Mr. Us noted that on December 10, 2019 the WTO Appellate Body was reduced to one member after the second terms for two of the remaining three members expired.  Normally composed of seven members, the WTO Appellate Body no longer has the minimum three members needed to hear new appeals.

This situation posed risks to the future existence of the World Trade Organization and resulted in resolving interstate trade disputes in accordance with numerous free trade areas. In such a situation, the national economic interests of the weaker countries will be less protected. To avoid these risks, Ivan Us proposed further steps to preserve the role of the WTO in the global coordinate system.

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