Expert of the NISS Ivan Us gave a comment to the program “Head to Head” on the UATV Channel regarding prospects for cooperation between Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund

In September there was a visit of the IMF mission to Kyiv since the change of power, in order to get acquainted with the current Ukrainian political reality. One of IMF’s demands to the Ukrainian authorities was to make a draft budget for the next year and to prepare the program of social and economic development for the government.  Another issue to be touched upon was nationalization of the Pryvat Bank. If IMF gives Ukraine credits, it means that Ukraine is a reliable partner for other organizations, such as the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development or the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

Adoption of the national budget by Ukrainian government was one of conditions for giving a credit by the IMF, and so was the elimination of the moratorium on selling land. Opening of the market of the land in Ukraine means better integration of our country into the global community. For that reason the first reading of the law on elimination of the moratorium on selling land was adopted by Ukrainian government before arrival of the IMF mission.

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